Sunday, April 1, 2018

Park City/Kimball Junction, UT

We had a free night stay certificate at the Best Western Landmark Inn, so we spent a little time in the Park City/Kimball Junction area.
We started at The Alf Engen Ski Museum, then to its playground, Discovery Cove, in the beautiful, sunny weather. Perfect weather!!! The kids did a little climbing and tried to not touch the ground on the obstacle course. We laughed a lot!!

Then on to Swaner Preserve and Eco Center and the sun calendar in Newpark Town center. So cool! (except for the part where Clive and Vera were fighting and kicking each other.)
Vera insisted she get a salad from Cafe Rio when we walked by (which she wasted so I ate it).
Clive insisted on a microwavable pizza from Smith's (that Jamison ended up eating).
We checked into our hotel room at 2:40pm and it had a sliding door right to the pool. . . so convenient since the kids wanted to swim off and on for several hours. They collectively used 15 or more pool towels!
Nick got everyone dinner at Panda Express and McDonald's.
Nick and I went for a walk in the strong wind on the bridge across the freeway and then stopped at Whole Foods. It's been almost a year since we shopped there, and we were amazed at how ridiculously high their prices are. We are very fortunate we can get the same organic, natural, high-quality items for a fraction of the cost at the various stores we shop.
Colette and I walked to Walmart and each bought 2 pair of capris for summer.
We went back to the hotel room and watched HGTV for most of the night.
An ad for Taco Bell's nacho fries aired, so off Nick ran with the 3 little kiddos across the street to buy some at like 9pm. He is hilarious! Yummmm.
So much out to eat food. A total of $43.  Reminds me that home cooking is the way to go. Good thing we brought along bananas, clementines, apples, granola bars, oatmeal, candy, etc. to eat as snacks since everyone is always hungry!
Vera complained and complained that she didn't want to sleep on the floor. That was miserable to have to listen to.
Our room was so hot that sleeping was difficult and uncomfortable even on a bed!
I woke up at 6am, showered, and got ready for the hotel's breakfast. There was quite the assortment of options! I had oatmeal with bananas and berries that was really quite good! The kids had pancakes, bacon, cereal, yogurt, juice, etc. Mmmmm.
Colette was sick with a stomach bug, so we checked out very early and headed home close to 7:30 or 8am.
Super short trip that wasn't all that eventful.
Why do kids have such a hard time getting along and obeying?!?
I am so over little weekend getaways. I'd rather stay home than sleep in a hotel. Probably for the best, so we can save have more money to save for retirement :)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Disneyland 2018 (without kiddos)

Fun getaway to warmer southern California for just Nick and me. Nick had a bonus week off for reaching his 5-year anniversary with his company, and it was about to expire, so we booked it. And how wonderful it was all through December having a fun trip to look forward to. The kids stayed home so they wouldn't miss school, and are largely able to look after themselves, but grandma taxied them 2x, and Ryan and the Erickson family checked in on them and fed them. :)

Air transportation: $212.80
Ground transportation: $37.62
Entertainment: $388
Hotel: $324.36
Food: $86.42

Total Cost: $1,031.20    ($516 per person for 3 night/2 day trip)

We departed SLC to LGB 01/08/18 @7pm on Jet Blue. This was delayed about an hour due to weather. $212.80 (106.40 per round-trip flight)

Once in Long Beach, we got an Uber from LGB-Airport to our hotel. The driver was c*R*a*Z*Y, and talked to us about Lebanese religion and some strange belief centered around the bones, blood, and plasma of some priest?!? Nevertheless, we got to our destination and paid a $10 tip, mostly because we were just glad he didn't murder us. (Nick used $30 credit, so just paid tip)

We stayed all 3 nights at The Anaheim Hotel at 1700 Harbor Blvd. This is the same hotel we stayed in when we took the kids in April. It is very clean, and so close to the park, and for the price we don't mind its uncomfortable pillows.  $324.36

About 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday we bought tickets to California Adventure. Admission was $194 for two 1-day value tickets. It rained most of the day, but we did get to go on Guardians of the Galaxy 5x (best.ride.ever!!!!), Cars 4x (gotta love that single rider line. Nick and I ended up in the same car every time), Toy Story 2x, and Soarin', Turtle Talk with Crush, Animation Academy, Monsters, Little Mermaid 1x each). We walked back and forth around the park, racking up around 9-10 miles. Did I mention I loved Guardians of the Galaxy? That is the most thrilling ride ever. It is addicting. I could have gone on that a million times over.

For lunch we stopped at Smokejumpers Grill and ordered Spicy buffalo chicken sandwich (too hot!) with waffle fries and BBQ jackfruit sandwich (just so-so) with onion rings (yum!) $25.84

Later in the evening we went back to Smokejumpers Grill and ordered Chili fries $7.53

For dessert we found the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe near the park entrance and ordered a Strawberry smoothie $5.38

We left the park close to 8 p.m. and walked to Downtown Disney and saw all those shops and restaurants. There are too many ways to spend money!!

Wednesday morning we got to Disneyland right as it was opening and bought two 1-day value tickets for $194. There was overcast weather with a glimpse of the sun here and there, and it was a bit chilly off and on. We went on everything we wanted to! Indiana Jones and Space Mountain 3x, Pirates of the Caribbean and Matterhorn 2x, Railroad, Roger Rabbit, Star Tours, Snow White, Pinocchio, Big Thunder Mountain, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, It's a small world (Christmas edition---super cute!), Jungle Cruise, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Tarzan Treehouse 1x each.

We had an early lunch at Red Rose Taverne. Cauliflower sandwich (amazing!) and Mozzarella flatbread $21.85

After several more rides and lots of walking around we worked up an appetite for dessert at Gibson Girl Ice Cream. $7.53 for a 2-Chocolate chip vanilla hot fudge sundae

More walking around meant we were soon hungry for Broccoli cheese soup in sour dough bread bowl with butter pats from Harbour Galley $11.84

And of course, right before leaving the park we had to make sure we got one Dole Whip Float from the Tiki Juice Bar $6.45

We walked about 12 miles in all this day. And it was so sad to have to leave. It is just so clean and nice and fun and exciting at Disney.  :(

Thursday morning we got an Uber from the hotel to LGB-airport. The young man who picked us up was so kind and humble and amazing. He definitely deserved the $10 tip.  (I used my $30 credit, so just paid tip)

We departed LGB to SLC 01/11/18 @8am and arrived back in SLC around 11:20 a.m.

To get home from the airport we got a Lyft from a man who was very kind. $17.62 (Used $8.24 credit, $6 tip)  Using Uber and Lyft sure is great. . .esp if you get an un-crazy driver!!

Fun trip. Maybe again next year!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Break Getaway 2017

We went on a little get-away for Fall Break.

8 hours of driving
350 miles
1 tank of gas $50.20
3 nights at hotel $215.82
Food $141.58 (approx $25 per person)
Tip $10
Comedy show $30
Total Spent: $447.60

We began on Wednesday 10/18 with a stop at
Utah's Hogle Zoo with a train ride, multiple carousel rides, and the reptile house.  Beautiful evening and the kids seemed to love going.

Next, we drove to Park City Peaks hotel, where the kids did a tiny bit of swimming in the COLD indoor/outdoor pool, and a lot of hot tubing outdoors, and then the steam room just to see what it was all about, followed by the sauna to dry off. Beautifully clean hotel, but really small room for 6 people. We redeemed a $85 off code on, so only paid $41.31 (I went to this hotel many times as a kid when it was called the Radisson, and I loved the indoor/outdoor nature of the pool and the little swim channel to get from one to the other, that I thought we would let our kids experience this too. But it was too cold to enjoy :(  )

On Thursday 10/19 we woke up and stopped for breakfast at Burger King $14.90
Drove to Evanston
Walked around Bear River State Park (so beautiful!), dropped rocks into the river

Uinta County Museum, Evanston, WY (fun kids area in basement!)

McDonalds for 4 ice cream cones $4.20
Drove to Garden City, stopped at rest area by Bear Lake (amazingly blue water!)

Then to Rick's Spring and climbed into cave - watch out for the spider webs!

Noodles and Co for 5 entrees  $27.98
Subway for Clive $4.20
La Quinta Hotel huge room with plenty of space for all!! $83.05
Hike Wind Caves 1.8 miles each way, ankle sprain on way down. o-u-c-h
Domino's 3-cheese cheese pizza free coupon redemption $0

On Friday 10/20 we ate breakfast at the hotel
Drove up the canyon to Spring Hollow Camp Ground and took photos among the beautiful trees and colorful leaves

Sizzler for lunch $50.49 + $10 tip
Rain and cold weather settled in, so we spent the rest of the day at the hotel
Hot tub and pool at hotel
Played card games and watched TV
Snack run to Smiths $18.29 (popcorn, fruit snacks, bananas, cheese, crackers, etc)
Dinner at KFC (4 boxes) $21.52
The Antics comedy show at The Dansante $30
La Quinta Hotel $91.46

On Saturday 10/21 we woke up extra early
Ate breakfast at the hotel and then loaded up the car
We took photos at Logan Temple and at
Brigham City Temple
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is always a fun stop, with many cool birds, and we even saw an owl

Then home

Super relaxing weekend, just what we needed to get through busy days and weeks ahead!!!!

Brigham City Utah Temple

The Brigham City Temple is there, right behind us. . . just kind of blends in with the bright morning sky.

Logan Utah Temple

Super cold on this morning stop to take a photo at the Logan Utah Temple.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wind Caves Trail, Logan, Utah

Thursday, October 19th in the evening we hiked the Wind Caves trail in Logan, UT. This was longish (3.5 miles), but it was fun. Unfortunately we never time things quite right, so we ended up returning to our car in the dark. I fell because I couldn't see the trail good, bruised up my leg and crunched my ankle, but didn't do any major damage, thank goodness.

Beautiful views of the canyon, and cool caves. These kinds of hikes are what I love doing with my family!!